Application: SIAF Award

You can apply for the SIAF Award 2022 with a completed dissertation at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich or the Center for Law and Economics at ETH Zurich. Dissertations may be submitted that were completed no more than three years ago.

The Regulations of 15 March 2010 apply. Subject to change.


1 April to 30 June 2022


Send us the following documents in printed and digital form.

If your doctoral thesis is too large to be sent by e-mail to, send us the PDF files of the documents listed below on CD or DVD together with the printed documents by physical mail.

The printed and digital versions of the thesis must be identical.

  1. Doctoral thesis
  2. Short CV (max. 2 pages A4)
  3. Copy of the doctoral certificate
  4. Expert opinions on work

Award ceremony

The winner of the SIAF Award will be notified personally in the fall of 2022. The award ceremony will take place during a SIAF lecture.