Tuesday, 7th June 2022, 7.00 pm

Literaturhaus Zurich, Limmatquai 62, 8001 Zurich

 www.literaturhaus.ch, phone: 044 254 50 00

This event will be held in German language.

Nora Bossong

Die Geschmeidigen

The supple

Moderation: Dr Martin Meyer

According to the subtitle ” Meine Generation und der neue Ernst des Lebens (My Generation and the New Seriousness of Life),” Nora Bossong takes a close look at her generation – at those who are about to assume power in Germany during a pronounced period of crisis. And she discusses ideas for a democratic future in which as many as possible are inspired by the ideal of collective action.

Nora Bossong

German author

Nora Bossong, born in Bremen in 1982, lives as a freelance writer in Berlin. She publishes novels, essays, and poems and regularly speaks out on current sociopolitical issues. In 2019, her novel "Schutzzone" was longlisted for the German Book Prize. Bossong has received numerous awards, most recently the Thomas Mann Prize (2020) and the Joseph Breitbach Prize (2020). She is a columnist for “Philosophie Magazin” (Philosophy Magazine).